A new coat of paint is the easiest way to freshen any home, inside or out. To make sure you do it without all the waste, follow these tips for your next paint job.

  • Test out a large swatch of the paint you want before you buy it – a paint chip doesn’t tell you what that color looks like in changing light conditions. Be sure before you buy.
  • Buy only what you need.  Consult your paint store for how to measure how much paint you need – or try a paint calculator.
  • Whenever possible, use latex paint which works as well as oil-based pain for most jobs, and is less hazardous and easier to use.
  • Save leftover paint for future use.  Make sure you secure the lid and store the paint can upside down.  Protect from freezing.
  • Don’t throw away your unused paint! Give your paint new life with the PaintCare program that takes back paint for recycling and reuse.


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