Central Oregon is filled with fun events every weekend, but let’s face it, all those events create a lot of waste.  Event organizers can reduce a lot of waste from the get go with some extra planning and forethought, and we’re here to help you.

zero waste station

Now that we have commercial composting available at Knott Landfill with Deschutes Recycling, events can participate by using certified compostable products and having food waste rolls carts on site provided by your Garbage & Recycling service provider.

Ready for a Zero Waste Event?

  • Contact us to reserve Zero Waste Station banners – they are available free for loan to increase visibility, effectiveness and awareness at your event.
  • Download our Bin Labels to help your event goers and vendors easily identify bins. (They print 1 per page, then cut down to 4″X11″. Laminate for long term use. Includes LANDFILL,COMPOST, RECYCLE and optional GLASS & REUSE)
  • Download Zero Waste Station event signs to help people get their waste into the right bin. These signs assume you have asked vendors to only provide food in compostable materials, that you have arranged pick up, and will be providing 3 bins at each Zero Waste Station.

Contact us for laminated copies, or to edit the signage to fit your event needs!

Want a zero waste event without the work? Hire The Broomsmen to ensure the event is zero waste.