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More Challenge information:

Here is the official challenge document: How to take the challenge and what you need to do it. Those who have taken our Rethink Food Waste Challenge reduced their wasted food by an average of 40%! How low can Deschutes County go?

And here is the Score Card, all by itself. The more notes you take, the more you can learn.

Here’s one way you can help:

Who else do you know who would take the challenge with you? Get your friends and family, neighbors, book club or office mates to sign up too!

Does the challenge work to prevent food waste?

Here are a few quotes from some local Deschutes County participants:

“Thanks for conducting the food waste challenge! It raised a lot of awareness about food and other forms of waste within our family and with friends curious about the challenge. It only took 4 weeks for us to get under a pound of waste!”

“I am amazed at how much we’ve reduced our food waste by making a concerted effort to only buy what we know we’ll eat and eat what we have! This has been a valuable experience; thank you!”

“I’ve always thought meat was an essential purchase at the grocery store but through the challenge I’ve seen how little meat I actually eat before it goes bad. I’m pretty shocked by this since I didn’t think I purchased that much meat in general, but now I think I can cut down my meat consumption/purchasing by at least half!”

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