40% of our food is wasted in America, and here in Deschutes County, it is estimated that a quarter of what goes into our local landfill is wasted food. We’re better than that. It’s time to rethink food waste, and we want to help you do it.

First, take stock of how much food you actually end up wasting. Then, use our tips to help you plan and utilize your food better.


Take the Rethink Food Waste Challenge!

You can challenge yourself and your household or you can recruit your book club, church group, or HOA to do your own challenge! Below are all the tools you need to do it. Participating in a challenge can really make difference in your wasted food and it can make your wallet heavier.

There’s proof! 213 households in Deschutes County signed up to take the Rethink Food Waste Challenge between May 14 and June 11, 2018. Overall, there was over a 40% reduction in the amount of food that went in the trash can in these households. That’s huge! What if you reduced your wasted food by 40%? How much money would you save? And what if you could share the information you learned with 1 or 5 other people? How low can Deschutes County go??

What is it? Here’s the gist:

For four weeks, you and your group of food waste prevention warriors will commit to collecting and weighing your weekly wasted food. The first week you will do things as you normal. The following 3 weeks you will implement tools, read about tips, ideas and resources and make small changes and prevent wasting food. Chances are, you will see a difference.

What do I need to do and what do I need to know?

Below is a list of all the documents that were released during the official Deschutes County Rethink Food Waste Challenge.

Press release

Week 1 – Do as you  normally do
Nothing special, just keep on keepin on. (Baseline data).
Introduction E-mail
E-mail #2

Week 2 – Shop Smarter
E-mail #1
Week 2 Tools: Shop Smarter Menu Planning FormEat First Refrigerator Cards
Blog: Shop Smarter – Learn how to shop your fridge and freezer first, use an “Eat First” basket. Use what you have!
E-mail #2
Blog: Shop Smarter and Technology – Learn about using technology to prevent food waste.

Week 3 – Prep Smarter
E-mail #1
Week 3 Tool: Prep Smarter Information Sheet
Blog 1: Prep Smarter – Learn about prepping, batch cooking, using lists, using your freezer and the art of the quick pickle.
E-mail #2
Blog 2: Food Waste and Children – Tips on living with a kid from her mother.

Week 4 – Store Smarter
E-mail #1
Week 4 Tool: Store Smarter Information Sheet
Blog 1: Learn about the best ways to store your food and also how to navigate dates on food products.
E-mail #2
Blog 2: Learn about what else is going on in the world to combat food waste.

Week 5 – Post Challenge
E-mail #1

Challenge overview

You can download the official challenge document below or you can select individual tools.

Complete document: Rethink Food Waste Challenge Document
Week 1: Do as your normally do! Nothing special, just keep on keepin on. (Baseline data).
Week 2 Tools: Shop Smarter Menu Planning FormEat First Refrigerator Cards
Week 3 Tool: Prep Smarter Information Sheet
Week 4 Tool: Store Smarter Information Sheet


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