40% of our food is wasted in America, and here in Deschutes County, it is estimated that a quarter of what goes into our local landfill is wasted food. We’re better than that. It’s time to rethink food waste, and we want to help you do it.

First, take stock of how much food you actually end up wasting. Then, use our tips to help you plan and utilize your food better.

Take The Challenge

We are looking for households in Deschutes County to take part in our 4 week Rethink Food Waste Challenge.

What is it? Here’s the gist:

For four weeks, beginning May 14th, you will collect and weigh your weekly wasted food. The first week you just do things as you normally do. The next 3 weeks we’ll give you tips, ideas and resources to help you prevent wasting food.

What’s in it for you? Family Fun, Free Stuff, and Feel Good Fuzzies!

We have free scales and containers for the first 100 households to sign up. You’ll collect your wasted food throughout the week, weighing it once (at the end of each Sunday) and submitting your data online. (We have other ways to get us the data for those not online). Each week you submit data, you’ll be entered to win great prizes – groceries, gift cards to local businesses, nice kitchen supplies – good stuff! Every household that submits data for 3 out of the 4 weeks will also be entered to win one of 2 grand prize drawings of $400 in farmer’s market bucks to use from a local farm redeemable a farmer’s market in Redmond and Bend.

Sign up now:

Please note: this challenge is only available for residents of Deschutes County.


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