In a meeting recently I heard about a wonderful gift idea. A jar filled with 365 slips of paper, each with it’s own memory, given to a parent. It turns out, memory jars are really popular projects on Pinterest and have a variety of applications. It’s too late in the month for me to realistically carry out such an idea, but it made me wonder, what are other gift ideas like this, that are really meaningful, require very little in the way of cash, maybe more of a time input? Dear reader, I’ll buy you a Hydroflask cup of your choice if I like the idea. We’ll be sharing them on our Facebook page over the next week.

In the meanwhile, here are some other ideas along those lines, the most of which can be found on the website New Dream.

What alternatives to traditional gifts have you come across? Let us know in the comments or email denise today! (really, we’ll enter you to win your choice of Hydroflask cup!)


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