We hate waste. But even more than that, we hate to see people being wasteful when they’re out enjoying nature. Camping can be super fun and a great way to get outdoors and connect with nature, but if you’re packing up a bunch of disposables for your meals, it’s a real burn on Mother Earth.

SO, let’s show people some actual ideas on how to have a clean camp to keep our beautiful outdoors unspoiled with our paper plates and plastic cups.

Here’s the deal:

Take a picture of something you do, or pack, while camping, that allows you to make less waste. Here are some ideas of things you can do to make your camp less wasteful:

  • Bring your green BottleDrop bag to collect your cans from all your friends in camp so you can cash in back in town after the trip.
  • Pack reusable cups, bowls plates and silverware. Thrift stores are great for supplies.
  • Pack a washtub and soap (we like to use Dr. Bronner’s).
  • Practice Leave No Trace principals when washing dishes outdoors if your camping somewhere with no facilities.
  • Use pop up/collapsable bins (we like to use small laundry bins) to separate recyclables from trash.
  • Keep trash secure so animals can’t get into it, and always to a micro-trash sweep at the end of your stay.

Help us get some ideas out there for ways that people can be better campers and reduce waste through a little smart packing. We will choose a winner randomly from photos shared through August. The winner will receive an awesome supply of reusable camp items, listed below.

#CleanCampsite Giveaway Kit:

Giveaway Details:

  • Post your picture on your social media of choice and include #cleancampsite and #rethinkwaste to help spread the word.
  • Tag us so we can find you.
  • You can post multiple times (with different pics) for more chances to win!
  • You need to be EITHER a resident of Deschutes County OR camping somewhere in beautiful Central Oregon when you take the pic!
  • We will be drawing our winner randomly out of all the pics posted AFTER LABOR DAY WEEKEND and the winner will have to pick up the package in person at The Environmental Center.


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