There were quite a few reasons to go shopping last weekend: Labor Day sales, end of summer sales, and back to school sales. Maybe you took advantage of some and got good deals while supporting local businesses, or maybe you just felt compelled to buy new stuff because, and let’s be honest here, it feels good.

Research shows that there is a part of your brain that is triggered and releases dopamine (the same things that’s released when you get high, essentially) which is the feel good part of it all. (Check out:¬†This is Your Brain at The Mall: Why Shopping Makes You Feel So Good for an in depth look at this).¬†Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t stick around that long. What does stick around, and continues to release feel good warm fuzzies from the brain, are anticipating, and then remembering, our experiences. ¬†(Check out this article in The Atlantic:¬†Buy Experiences, Not Things).

Here in Central Oregon, where a lot of us tend to have more of a focus on connection, adventure, recreation, that’s not a hard sell. However, in the moment of contemplating buying new/more/bigger/better stuff is the moment it counts to remember: Buy Less, Live More. Better for your brain, your self esteem, your happiness, your wallet, and our earth.

What did you do last weekend?


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  1. We get a lot of bubble wrap at work. I used to be able to take it to a shipping place but they don’t seem to want to take it any more. Any ideas on how to reuse or recycle bubble wrap packaging?

    • Hi Kerie

      Great question. The most sustainable option would be to source a local business that is actively shipping items from Bend to other locations, either as a retailer or manufacturer. Local networking events might be a good place to start, or just approaching some local businesses. I will also look into this as well!

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