We are so excited to partner with DIYcave next week for our first ever Summer Repair Cafe! Some of you may remember that is was back in the Fall of 2013 that we held our very first repair cafe at Pakit (check out the video!) So it is with some nostalgia that we return to the very same space where Aaron Leis, Dave Danek and Tim Willis have come together to transform the former beloved junkyard into a bright space filled with tools and machines for the community to access. Here at the Rethink Waste Project, we’re all about access over ownership, and the DIYcave provides that service through classes, memberships or day use.

As with our last 5 repair cafe events, volunteer fixers will be on hand to repair your broken small appliances, mend your clothes or outdoor gear (no alterations please), provide light jewelry repair and fix your small furniture. (In fact they have fixed over 134 items to date!) What’s new at this event, is DIYcave will provide the tools and expertise to repair broken metal items with welding!

We are thankful to DIYcave for hosting us for the Summer Repair Cafe next Tuesday, July 14th 5:30 – 7:30. Also many thanks are overdue to the volunteers who have come once – or every time – to make the Repair Cafes successful! Thanks to Rick Pugh, Ben Lewis, Allison Murphy, Ed Endsley, Mike De La Mater, Doug Butler, John Domogalla, Kent Garliepp, Robin Jurasinski, Tami Potts, Charlene & Richard Nesslein, Chuck Meyer, Mark Clark, Amy Ward, Lloyd McMullen, Sara Yellich, Josh Sims, Sam Powell, Luke Donney and the rest of the Gear Fix crew!

Don’t have any broken items, but curious about Repair Cafes or just want to check out the DIYcave? Come on down! This event is FREE and open to the public!

Summer 2015 Repair Cafe at DIYcave
Tuesday July 14th, 2015 5:30 – 7:30
444 SE 9th St,Bend (former Pakit space – here’s a link to a map)

About DIYcave: DIYcave is based on a premise of self reliance, responsibility and sharing. The opportunities available at DIYcave are only limited to the imagination of the creator and proper execution. DIYcave is striving to provide quality tools for use in a safe environment. The goal of DIYcave is to empower people to see their ideas through to a finished product, to allow people to undertake projects which they are capable of but lack the tools or environment needed, and to teach people skills that may not otherwise be feasible without enrolling in a scheduled course. Finally, DIYcave wants to create an environment in which ideas and expertise can be shared and everything from common problems to imaginative visions can be achieved. Check out their website for a list of classes and membership options.



    • Hi Kari – That summer repair cafe was from last summer, so I have updated the blog post to reflect that. We are currently working to schedule a Fall 2016 Repair Cafe and will add it to our calendar when its official.

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