We’re so excited about Bend ReStore’s new annual event – Furniture Flip! The ideas is this – artists/designers/upcyclers compete over a limited time to upcycle 3 pieces of furniture from reStore and other resale outlets to turn them into really cool items that you will want for your home! The items will be sold at the unveiling event at Armature on April 25th (after the Earth Day Fair & Parade at The Environmental Center).

Yesterday, the chosen designers were given the rules, $100 to spend at reStore, and open run of the place to pick their first items!

Bummed you missed out on participating? Well the good news is that this will be an annual event. So here’s some websites to get your creative side going to see the potential in stuff next time you visit reStore.

Be sure to get mark your calendars for the Earth Day after party at Armature on April 25th to see the final Furniture Flip pieces!



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