2015 offers us all another bright chance to start fresh. Make this the year you increase your health and happiness with less stuff and less chemicals. Here’s what a Less Is More approach to 2015 could look like for you!

Less Stuff.

Buy less, organize less, straighten less, declutter less. All of it results when you have a goal to just have -and buy – less stuff. Here are some ideas I’ve come across that can help you think about the stuff you own, or to challenge you to buy less or get rid of things more. Use them together or separately.

  • Don’t Declutter, Simplify. Decide you don’t want to declutter anymore – and go on a binge and get rid of that stuff forever (by get rid of, of course I mean donate and recycle!)
  • Love it or Leave it. Ask yourself if you love it, if it gives you joy. If it doesn’t, its just stuff, and its taking up valuable space – physically, mentally, emotionally, sometimes financially.
  • One item a day. Have a bag or box and donate it when its full. Start a new one.
  • Create a challenge. Each week choose a different drawer, room, or project area to tackle. Take an hour or the whole week. But don’t move on until that’s finished.
  • Do a 30 Day Challenge.
  • Downsize 2,015 items in 2015.
  • 52 Week Declutter List.
  • Buy Nothing Year.
  • Tips: Start with the area that bugs you the most. Clear it out. Love everything in it. Pass on unloved items to a thrift store. Get inspired to do the rest.
  • If you keep – and only buy – things that you love – than your house/room/closet etc is full of things that you love! See how that works? Get inspired at the Zero Waste Home!

Less Chemicals.

Make 2015 the year you reduce your exposure to everyday chemicals. Here’s a few challenge ideas and resources from our go to website for this kind of thing, the Environmental Working Group to help you tackle this monster.

How are you living More With Less in 2015?

  1. Love this post! The ideas shared here are so inspiring! I’m moving next month and decided to simplify as much as I can. ?this time I’m moving by myself and this means I’ll be able to take limited amount boxes with me. This is a great reason to declutter, sell, donate as much as I can. Your post gave great ideas to follow in my new place. ‘One item a day’ is a genius idea. Thank you for sharing!

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