Everyone should be awesome at recycling by now, but let’s face it, we can do better. Different communities recycle different things, the packaging can be confusing, and everyone has an opinion. Let us help you put that all to rest.

One of the best ways you can make sure you Recycle Right is to have clear signs that tell you what goes in and what goes out. Well we have these for you here, and not just for your recycling bin, but also your trash bin, and compost if you have that too. Read below for some ideas on how to use these signs.


In Your Home

Maybe you know what goes in, but your partner/kids/roommate don’t. You. Need. This.

  • Download and print them out (or stop by The Environmental Center and we’ll get you some).
  • Hang them near wherever your recycling or trash is – inside a cabinet door, on a wall or on the bin itself.
  • Hang them on your fridge, memo board, or wherever you may use them as reference.
  • Go paperless – add it to your smart phone home screen for easy reference on the go.


At The Office

You’re always seeing things in the recycle bin that you think shouldn’t be there, but your not really sure, maybe other people know better. Get all your coworkers on the same page. Today. Here are some signs that might work better for your office environment — or for an event you might put on at work.

  • Bring these to your next staff meeting. Laminated.
  • It’s an office, so it’s ok to be super obvious about it. Hang them on the wall right above the bins, and be sure to print out the Bin Labels too.
  • If it’s not there already, get a recycling bin next to every trash can. Seriously.


At Your Vacation Rental/Air BnB/Rental Property

You’re continually interacting with folks who live in a different community or may be new to town, so you definitely need these signs.

  • Post them near the recycling/garbage areas, inside and/or outside.
  • Include them in your welcome packet or binder.
  • Have them laminated and included with the rest of the local community brochures you may provide.


Let us know how you put these signs to work for you!


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