FREE Composting 101 Class!

Join us in The Environmental Center’s Learning Garden to get an overview of composting. We’ll go over what to include and what not, pros and cons of different methods, and address common questions and concerns. This is a great intro class for the novice composter, or for those needing to address some issues with their own compost system.

This event is free, and coffee will be provided!

Join us either on Friday June 27th or Saturday June 28th, 2014, from 10:00 – 11:00 am (same presentation each day).

#WeCompost, Do You?

If you already compost locally, help us spread the word about all the different ways #WeCompost! Join our social media campaign by taking a picture of your compost set up and adding the hashtag #WeCompost on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll even enter you into a raffle for cool prizes like a steel countertop compost pail, hydroflask reusable bottles, and upcycled bags! Winners will be drawn through June & July!



    • Hi Richard. Thanks for your question. I don’t have any building plans for a compost bin, but I have come across lots on the web. The best way I’ve found is to do a google image search for ‘easy DIY compost bin’ and you can quickly scroll through different ideas. I’d be happy to discuss pros and cons of different styles to help you narrow them down. Simply send an email via the contact us page. Thanks!

  1. I would like some tips on getting a composter going on my property. I live in Redmond and would like to know what type you recommend. I am thinking of building one of wood and wire but would like to know what design is best for our area.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Anthony. Personally I think that a design that works with worms is ideal for our region. Worms will break things down faster than they otherwise would. You can use worms in a wooden box, a pile, or a wood and wire bin you could build yourself. Feel free to give a call to chat further details! 541.385.6908 x14

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