Like many Bend locals, we were sad to hear about Pakit Liquidators upcoming closure.

For over 20 years Pakit has been a staple in Bend’s Do-It-Yourself scene, inspiring people to Rethink Waste by turning leftover, discarded, broken or outdated items into art, furniture, gardens, greenhouses, green buildings and more.  It’s an alternative reuse site, over flowing with authenticity, that requires careful walking and the ability to see an items potential over its often neglected state.

Pakit is all about Rethinking Waste, having hosted the annual creative reuse junk art event, Trashformations, for many years – benefitting the now defunct Artists Local 101  and then The Environmental Center’s Learning Garden more recently.

If you attended our recent Repair Cafe at Pakit, you know that the DIY vibe made it the perfect venue for this unique event. Owner Matt Korish not only donated the space, he jumped in for a welding repair when someone brought in a flamingo garden sculpture that needed some tail feathers re-attached. This is what Pakit is all about. Having sparked and melded such innovation, collaboration, and creativity, it’s difficult to imagine loosing this space for future Repair Cafes, art events, music and good old junk picking.

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