So you’ve mastered the recycling of your household or office waste:  paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, and even plastics.  Is there something more you can do to promote recycling? Why, yes! You can BUY recycled or recycled content products.

Buying products that are recycled (or will be after you buy them) or that contain recycled content carries the following positives:

1)      Reduces energy use

2)      Creates jobs and income

3)      Promotes good environmental practices

4)      Stimulates markets

5)      Utilizes less resources

6)      Decreases landfill waste


Where, then, can you buy recycled products here in Central Oregon?  Aside from your every day grocery and discount stores that all offer at least some recycled-content products (for example paper or plastic products with various amounts of post-consumer recycled content*), here’s a list of some local resources for recycled products:






Bend –

LaPine –

Redmond –

Sisters –



  • Pretty much all area car dealerships sell “recycled” – yes, buying a pre-owned car is recycling, too!


CONSIGNMENT & THRIFTSTORES– Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, Home Décor, etc.


(Compliments of Visit Bend)






* Ever wonder what the difference is between pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content products? Pre-consumer recycled content refers to products that include materials that have never been used by a consumer, such as scraps, trims, etc. created in the manufacturing process. Post-consumer recycled content refers to materials that have been used by the consumer and are recycled back into manufacturing of new products. If you have a choice when buying a product, the latter is generally better.



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