Recycling may not be an art, but it can definitely take some time and effort to make sure you are recycling the right items in your community.  To kick off our Recycle Right initiative, we’ve teamed up with local youth groups to create a Rethink Waste display, where each letter is created using leftover, discarded or reclaimed materials.  The Art of Recycling Project will be on display at multiple locations this fall, including:

  • Bend Fall Fest: October 6th & 7th
  • Bend Public Library, October
  • Redmond Public Library, November

It won’t tell you how or what to recycle, but it will get you thinking about, and hopefully rethinking your waste.  A reminder to get informed about what we can and can’t recycle locally.  Stay tuned to the website for ways you can learn about why certain things can and can’t be recycled, and answer questions to earn points for local Habitat for Humanity homeowners to get their own Rethink Waste Kits.  Good for you, good for the community.


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