Organizing an event, throwing a big party, hosting a fundraiser?  Make it Zero Waste Event!  Download our Guide to Organizing a Zero Waste Event to get started.  In addition, we now have community Zero Waste Recycling Station Banners to help you communicate your efforts to the community and make sure people know where to go to correctly dispose of their compostables, recyclables, and trash.

Once you nail down all the details to have a zero-waste event, be sure to communicate your efforts to the community.  The banners are one way to get a standardized look across the community for people to begin to get familiar with the options available in our community, and getting the right things in the right bin.

The banners are made to hang above the 3 bin system of Compost, Recycling, & Landfill.   Banners and accompanying signage for each bin are free to the community and available to anyone who wishes to join in our efforts to reduce waste and increase awareness in our community by having recognizable standardized signage across community events.

If you have any questions about any aspect of organizing a zero-waste event please contact ani or call her at The Environmental Center at 541.385.6908 x26

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