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Talk about reducing waste…since they started the commercial composting service with Cascade Disposal last May, Newport Ave Market has reduced their landfill waste by nearly 60%!  Check out the press release for the details:

BEND, Ore. – February 9, 2012 – Newport Ave. Market, a well known grocery store in Bend, Oregon, is proud to announce the store was honored with the inaugural Leadership in Composting Award by the Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (“ORRA”) at the Capitol in Salem on February 7. The top three finalists for the award included The Portland Zoo, Albany Hospital, and Newport Ave. Market.

The market launched its composting program in partnership with Cascade Disposal in May 2011 in an effort to expand its commitment to the community and planet.

In the first week of implementing the program, over 2,100 pounds of food waste was collected for conversion into reusable gardening compost. Over the past six months, an average of 8,000 pounds has been collected each month from Newport Ave. Market. Introducing the composting program has allowed the Market to reduce its garbage contribution from 251 yards of garbage each month to only 104 yards, a decrease of nearly 60%.

Michelle Metzler with Waste Management of Oregon said, “Newport Ave. Market is an exemplary business utilizing an efficient composting program. Not only have they achieved significant waste diversion though composting, but they are also actively increasing the community awareness of the local compost program and being a strong advocate for its success.

Judging criteria for the award included demonstration of leadership in the promotion of  composting, community collaboration, educational success of a program, significant contribution to waste stream diversion, and active participation of staff and customers in the compost program. Newport Ave. Market was selected among hundreds of grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, caterers, and sports arenas for its extreme commitment to its composting program.

About the Composting Program
Newport Ave. Market’s first priority is to donate lightly bruised produce and unsellable products to shelters in the community through its gleaner program. And secondarily, biodegradable items that are not edible are relinquished into the composting program. How it works? Cascade Disposal has provided Newport Avenue Market a secure container to dispose of food waste, such as meat, vegetables, seafood, bakery items, eggshells, coffee grounds, and more. Once a week, the food waste is picked up and delivered to Deschutes Recycling, where it is composted and screened to remove over-sized material, resulting in nutrient-rich compost. The compost is tested and will carry the US Composting Seal of Testing Approval ready for sale to the public.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been honored with the award,” said Rudy Dory, owner of Newport Ave. Market. “The participation of our staff has made it all happen! We all have the satisfaction of knowing we are helping reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill.”

About Newport Ave. Market
Newport Ave. Market, founded by Dory and his wife Debbie in 1991, is a favorite destination in Bend for residents and visitors alike. The store prides itself on its “live locally, eat globally” attitude. The Dorys are committed to providing quality services and quality products in an environment that is unusual, inviting and fun to shop in. Newport Ave. Market is located at 1121 NW Newport Ave. in Bend, Oregon. for more information on the store.


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