Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolutions never seem to stick.  I want to get beyond resolving and start evolving.  So my New Year’s Evolution is to be okay with letting things go.  Like cool metal objects that I find in the street and want to turn into something else, and then a year later I still haven’t done anything with.  Let it go.  Or clothes that I clearly don’t wear that often.  Let it go.  Or piles of paper that need to be gone through and filed somewhere…ok maybe I need a better system for that one but some of it I’m sure…let it go.  This year I am reducing my stuff, which in turn reduces my need to keep organizing clutter.  I’m bringing a ton of clothes to the next clothing swap, giving metal back to Pakit where I probably got it in the first place, and gradually will start going down the paperless road with  EverNote.

Here’s some more ideas for reducing waste, and sometimes clutter, in your daily life.  Have fun with your reset button this year!

Pick one and RESOLVE TO…

Stop Junk Mail:  Try Catalog Choice, 41 Pounds, or this DIY checklist to get you going.

Replace Paper Towels:  Keep them in the cupboard for occasional use but switch to cloth towels daily instead.

Go Paperless! Scan important documents and record anything you want to keep track of with online tools like EVERNOTE.

Always BYO: Cup, Mug, Bag, Bottle, Growler.  ‘Nuf said.

Shop the Bulk Aisle:  Bring your own bags, jars and containers for refilling to stock your cabinet.

Refuse Wasteful Packaging:  Make smart choices when shopping and reduce at the source.  Buy bulk, buy recycled, buy recyclable.  Remember, the only plastic recyclable in your commingled bin in Deschutes County  is plastic bottles, tubs and jugs.  Avoid blister packaging, clamshell containers, plastic film wrap and plastic/foil wrapping.  The upside is that in most cases this will make you eat healthier too!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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