In 2017, Deschutes County residents generated over 200,000 TONS of waste (270,776.5 to be exact), the fourth year in a row since 2006. When the recession hit, wallets tightened, people bought less (and so got rid of less) and construction slowed down. All of this is reflected in our 25 year tracking of waste generation here in Deschutes County. Now that the economy is back again, we see this reflected once again in how much waste we bring to the curb, whether through recycling, composting or trash headed to the landfill. Though we generally recover more every year, we also send more trash to the landfill too.  So yes, we need to keep recycling and composting, and we’ve compiled information here to help you not only do it, but do it right. But we’ve also got tools to go beyond thinking about how you manage materials, to think about ways to rethink your lifestyle and have a bigger impact upstream by preventing waste in the first place.


The Rethink Waste Project is a project of The Environmental Center through a partnership with Deschutes County Department of Solid Waste and our local garbage and recycling service providers. Learn more about who we are and what we do.